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So I graduated. Which doesn't really feel that different... except some of my friends started summer classes already. I took the first part of the summer off last year... so it definitely feels the same.

I'll be moving away from FSU and Tallahassee (again, but this time with a degree) in search of the life I was meant to lead. Does that even make sense anymore? Do people really wander off to find a life after they finish something that initiates a change?

I find that I'm moving right into the arms of.... well, the life I had here in Tally. The first time I moved away from the place I've always called home it was to Tampa. I was young... and dumb. I was frivalous and self-indulgent... completely irresponsible and socially competitive to people who would always outdo me. I pretty much count the 3 years after highschool as a period of failures. Maybe those failures were necessary to make my life what it is today. As nostalgically cliche as that statement is.... it should hold more than a grain of truth. When I say I'm moving right back into the arms of my Tally life... but in Tampa... it's due to the fact that a good 15 or so friends who once occupied much of my life and time here at FSU.... now live in Tampa. The city I once despised so much... is now welcoming me again... but this time with memories that were stolen from a different place... and a differnt time. A better place... but hopefully not a better time again. I'm excited to give Tampa another go around.

Honestly I'm really bored and just lost interest in something I two minutes ago was excited about (this). Where's my muse damnit!
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