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Something funny...

Last Saturday was the Springtime Tallahassee festival here in Tally, Florida. I was registered in the 10k race with 2 of my friends but things got complicated and I didn't get any sleep etc... so after 2 miles I quit running (only one friend showed up, the one that didn't was my running partner). I forgot that I had to run 2 miles back to my car so basically it was a dumb thing to quit. I'm still kicking myself over it. My friend John finished the race and I met him at the finish line and then we went downtown to see the parade. We got a pretty good position and soon we were joined by a woman that writes for the Tallahassee Democrat, our main local paper. She was really nice and interviewed John and I for her article in the paper. I didn't expect to actually make it into the article but here I am :)

'Small-town feel' shines through big parade
By TaMaryn Waters

The smell of fried blooming onions and funnel cakes wafted through the air as people reached out their hands for flying Mardi Gras beads. Tallahassee resident Dale Quick, 23, was a man on a mission for the rainbow treasures that dangled on the arms of passersby.

Quick called out, "Beads," or "Woo-hoo," every time he spotted someone within shouting distance.

Quick, a Florida State University student studying business management, said he enjoyed seeing the law enforcement officers in the parade, but he admitted, "I'm here for the beads."

Ok... could she have made me out to be any more gay? I was on a mission for the rainbow treasure... and apparently I was only there to check out the men in uniforms. Why not just say I'm a faggot that got confused about how to get to Southern Decadence this year, haha! I had a really good time and I got tons of beads. I was after the fun ones (shamrocks, cool colors or designs) but they were harder to find and people started catching my bead fever and stealing them away from me. I almost had to deck granny once... just once though. I was the bead king.

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